20 November 2009

Post #71

That's right people, I've officially had over seventy posts. I like to look at that number, it makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Stay tuned for post number ninety-five, it will have an announcement about post number one hundred that will be very special indeed!

So this weekend is blissfully un-scheduled. Which is good seeing as we leave on Wednesday for the Grand Canyon Camping Trip, and have yet to figure out if our gear will fit in one checked bag and three carry-ons. Wish us luck, I'm interested to see how it all pans out. The Mr. and I are headed to the gym tomorrow morning and then he and LN are going to have a Daddy/Daughter Date. Not sure what they're up to yet, but I'm so happy when they have some extra one-on-one time to bond. Does my heart (and head) good!

Maybe we'll try and hit up the MCAD Student Art Sale. We go every year but this year we don't really have a NEED of anything. However, it's always fun to look! The Mr. bought me a great piece from one of our (now) friends. It hangs in our dining room and was under $100! Great deal!

So that's about it. Well, buying the ingredients for some pies that I'm making for my sister-in-law. I'm sure I'll do some cooking and if I'm lucky I'll have some pictures for a post next week.

TGIF everyone!
Have a great weekend!

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