16 November 2009

An Ode to Target

The wonders of Target never cease to amaze,
I go in for toothbrushes,
but walk around in a daze.

There are belts and booties,
bananas and beans.
Rice cookers, rain gear,
and paper in reams.

Toothpaste and face wash,
mirrors and dolls.
Target is nice,
but Super Target has it all.

Get in and get out.
But what can I do?
My bill should have cost me
only a buck or two.

Instead I wander,
I browse and I roam.
And I buy, buy, buy
more than I should ever, ever take home.

But it was on sale!
I tell myself with glee.
Who doesn't need a candle
That smells like green tea?

Oh Target, you make me so outrageously poor!
So maybe if you weren't so handy,
so cheap
and so fun.
I'd spend less money
on my daily Target run.


  1. Sometimes its nice not living by a Target or any large shopping center.. I save money...



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