10 November 2009

Five Things

Today has been a day already and it's only 2pm. That said I'm going to give you the list of the Five Things that I could use right now. Don't be surprised if you're underwhelmed. I'm a simple girl after all.
  1. Diet Coke: Just one can please. I've drank all of the coffee I could possibly drink today but am still in need of a caffeine pick up. Why don't they have Diet Coke delivery services?
  2. A sleeping child: Or at least one that sleeps more than thirty minutes at a time. Seriously you're not even two and when do you expect mama to get all of this stuff done?
  3. Fingernail clipper: I resorted to clipping off a broken nail with a scissors because I could not for the life of me find one in the house. We used to have four, now I can find none. Where would they go?
  4. Roku Digital Player: I could stream all of the Dora and bad television I wanted from Netflix with one of these bad boys. Must remember to put on my Christmas list.
  5. A plan for dinner: Seriously I love to cook and bake but finding recipes that three people will enjoy that are fast and nutritious? Torture some days. Need some help yourself? Check out allrecipes.com, you can search my collection, ingredient, course. It's usually my fall back place for inspiration.

What could you use today?

1 comment:

  1. Does Netflix work in Switzerland? I thought it only worked in the US. . . do tell! If it works here, I want that box too! :)



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