05 November 2009

Dear Human Race:

I have some beef with you today. Well, not all of you, but what I see is becoming an altogether too large portion. I'd like to talk to you a little big about tolerance. This isn't going to be a lecture taken straight from a Respect and Tolerance 101 class. You're smarter than that, or at least I'm hoping beyond hope that you're smarter than that. There are so many topics that I'd like to touch on today, but let's just focus a moment on the issue of Marriage.

Now, I'm a happily married woman. I found a wonderful, caring partner and am thankful that he felt enough of the same to publicly and solemnly declare our relationship official. You see, that's kind of how I feel about Marriage. It's a declaration to the community that two people are pledging to care and love each other. The government? Religion? Really don't have a huge part of it. But yet, so many of you take it so personally when two people of the same sex want to spend their lives together. Could you please explain to me why that is such a big deal?

There are issues out there that are equally polarizing that will never get solved and I can understand why. Issues, literally, of Life and Death. But what I fail to understand is why this marriage issue is such a big deal. No, I take that back. I understand why it's a big deal for the people that are fighting FOR it. To be recognized by the community, to have the same basic rights that other couples have. I can understand, empathize and fully respect that. But those of you who fight AGAINST it? And you are out there, as we saw yesterday in Maine, and you are holding strong. I don't even pretend to understand your position, I can't and I won't.

People against Marriage Equality speak often about the sanctity of marriage. The what? How many of you out there come from 'broken homes'? How many people you know do? I'm pretty sure that a vast majority of you are either from divorced families or most of your acquaintances are. So let's just discount that one right now, shall we? And those of you that are so worried about God having to bless these same sex unions? Well, guess what? You don't have to! I didn't get married in a church, by a priest/minister and most of the people I know didn't either. So you can keep your 'blessed' sanctity. In my opinion marriage has less to do with God and more to do with two people loving and respecting each other. But what do I know?

So let's stop with the intolerance and start trying to respect and care for each other. What do you say Human Race? I won't judge you if you promise not to judge me or my family/friends. Let's call it a deal.


A Concerned Member


  1. Couldn't agree more and perfectly said :)

  2. I keep putting my comments as anonymous - don't mean to! That was me above :)

  3. Well stated, unfortunately certain churches put a ton of time and effort into fighting against equal rights. It makes me depressed some days and down right mad other days.
    As for the religious thing...while I am not uber religious, I do attend church sometimes and can tell you that Jesus (for those who believe in him and/or follow the guy) stated that the most important thing people can do is LOVE one another. Love should be above all things, even the Ten Commandments from the Old Testament.



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