23 November 2009

Best Summer Memory

Since the day is so grey and dreary here I thought I'd ponder on some Summer love. After a wet, soggy October; November has been a delightful month. In the fifties some days and more sun than we'll probably see again until May. April if we're lucky. Looking back to this past Summer there are so many favorite moments. BBQ's in the backyard with friends. Trips to the country. Days spent at the zoo. Afternoon wades in the pool. Drinking wine outside, watching the world go by.

I would have to say that my favorite memory, by far, of this summer wasn't really one, specific day. It was more a bunch of days that ran together. LN's face as she giggled on the swing, her first intake of breath as the swing fell back in a graceful arch. The way her legs pump so hard to run to the next slide. The way she, not so gracefully, flips her body over to slide down on her belly. The way she laughs as she passes over the swing bridge, marveling on how much taller she is than me. The Mr. and her running around the playground, laughing and yelling. Both of them looking over their shoulders to make sure that I am watching. Sunlight on LN's blond hair, watching it get lighter and whiter with every afternoon spent outside. Seeing LN's personality explode as she makes new friends on the playground. Running around after the big kids, stopping to say, "Hi Baby!" to the few kids that are smaller than she. Realizing that each time we come here she needs me a little less, and yet I can't stray too far; she always makes sure that I am looking at her, watching her as she grows.

What's your favorite summer memory?

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