24 November 2009

As I Sit Here...

...I have a To-Do list about a mile long. I love lists, they keep me on track, and when I want to procrastinate I can always write another list. They make me feel productive. But today, I've written all the lists I can write. What I really need to do is set out and start checking things off. Two major ones that need to accomplished; bake three pies, pack for our upcoming camping trip.

Camping trip you say? In Minnesota at the end of November? Are you crazy? Well, yes, if we were planning on camping here then we would be a little crazy. But no, instead we decided to hop on a plane and fly three and a half hours to go camping at a place with a little more sunshine. Arizona! Sedona, to be exact. We've never seen the Grand Canyon, had a few frequent flier miles left so we decided to get the heck out of Dodge. After last year and almost six weeks of over-stimulation, over-scheduling, over-eating and over-tiredness we decided that from now on Thanksgiving was going to be 'our' holiday. And if that means getting on a plane for a little family escape, so be it. That's not to say we'll never spend Thanksgiving with our families again, just not in the foreseeable future.

So that's the reason for all of the lists. Packing for a five day trip for three people creates lists enough, but when you add in camping gear the lists just go on and on. We decided to bring one suitcase and three carry-ons. Mind you we're bringing a tent and three sleeping bags. It's a good thing the Mr. and I travel light! We plan on buying all of the food/diapers once we get to Arizona. That saves a lot on space. Everyone collectively cross your fingers for me, this is going to be a wild trip.

So, we're headed out tomorrow afternoon and get back sometime on Monday. But don't fear your pretty little heads! I have posts a plenty all stocked up and ready to go, so don't forget to stop in over here when you're in a tryptophan daze. There will be some good stuff to read, I promise.

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  1. Have a great time! I've never been and I really hope the Prof and I get there sometime in the next few years. The Prof left the Mr. a voicemail yesterday. I was planning to call sometime later this week (you that is) but since you are going on vacay, I'm going to wait till next week! Happy Turkey day!




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