08 October 2009

What I'm doing...

I have a list of things to do that is about a MILE long today. In order to keep tabs on myself I thought I would share the fun with you inter-friends. Words of encouragement, disbelief, amazement or praise are not only greatly appreciated, but needed!

To Do Today:
  • Pack for my upcoming trip! I leave tomorrow AM, early and have yet to pack a single thing.
  • Check-in for flight and print boarding pass.
  • Write a guest post for a dear friend who is lucky enough to also be going out of town.
  • Write another quick, guest post for a lovely little site that loves lists as much as I do.
  • Work on a sweet project for this here blog, you'll find out more details soon. It's exciting!
  • Sweep kitchen and dining room floors.
  • Kill flies.
  • Unload and load dishwasher.
  • Switch laundry. Fold/put away?
  • Figure out what the heck to make for dinner.
  • Pick up next month's book club book to read on the plane.
  • Condition leather shoes.
  • Write out list of possible activities for LN and the Mr. while I'm gone
  • Set my alarm.
  • Auto-post Friday blog post.
  • Finish Thursday blog post.

Whew, I think that's the most important ones. I better close up shop and get to it!
At least I've got one crossed off now!


  1. Guest posting! Good for you! Also, excited to hear the blog project news! Have a great time this weekend! You'll get everything done that you need to. Take a breath and dive in!

  2. Yeah! Have fun and don't worry. If the flies are not all dead before you leave I will come visit with a fly strip (you know the classy ones that are yellow and hang down from the wall...we have a few in the garage).
    As for the laundry...folding AND putting away...ambitious. ; )



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