23 October 2009

The Weekend- October 24-25

I thought I would do something different on this snowy, October afternoon. A little video I took from my bedroom window. Those whiteish things you see going sailing past? Yep, those are big, wet clumps of snow. Luckily the ground is warm enough still that it melts as soon as it touches anything. Whew! I'm not mentally ready for a white ground cover yet. Talk to me around December 24th. Then we may be able to strike a deal.

So this weekend is going to be a good one! Want the details? Well here they are:
  • Hot date with the Mr. On the docket. Toys R Us, a movie and dinner.
  • We should have been going to the theatre (but some airhead that writes this blog...not naming names...forgot the tickets were for the 21st, not the 23rd. Oops.)
  • Movie suggestions?
  • Driving to the country to visit my family!
  • Sun and fifty degrees tomorrow!
  • A walk and some coffee.
  • A fire.
  • Lots of good grandparent and auntie time.
That's about it folks. We're still recovering over here and will be taking it easy. But the rest of you? Go out and enjoy your weekends to the max!

Seriously though, what should we go see tonight?

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