16 October 2009

The Weekend- October 17-18

Happy weekend everyone! Is it sunny where you are? If it is go and stand in it for a minute, for me. Maybe if all my readers stand in the sun for one minute for me I'll feel some kind of warmth on this gray, Fall day.

So we had a busy week doing this and that and falling down and this morning we ran to Ikea. I have been wanting to pick LN up a step stool so that she can see what I'm doing at the kitchen counter and help me as much as she can. I also wanted to get her a little tent to play in; somewhere she can get away and read to her baby or just simply take some time away. Let me tell you, she is in love! She ran back and forth from the stool to the tent over and over...who knew a tent and a stool would make a toddler so happy? Why couldn't a tent and a stool make me that happy?

There's not much on the docket for the weekend yet. That's ok by us! Let's see what we've got so far:
  • Special Saturday morning breakfast tomorrow. I'm trying out quiche recipes for a baby shower I'm co-hosting next month. I'll keep you posted as to how they turn out.
  • I would guess a walk might be in order since it's supposed to be sunny! Perhaps to the Stone Arch Bridge and around downtown.
  • The Mr. and I are going to drop off LN with grandma where she's headed to a wedding reception and a sleep-over at grandma's house. Thank goodness for grandparents!
  • While LN is dancing her heart out the Mr. and I are either headed to St. Cloud to visit some friends or we're sticking around town to do some projects and a little datey date.
  • Sunday brunch with the grandparents and we'll pick up LN.
  • Maybe hit up a park since it might be close to sixty degrees AND sunny!
  • Naps for all (well, Dad and LN...cleaning/computer time for me)
  • A trip to the pumpkin patch at some point?

What are your plans for this weekend?

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