30 October 2009

The Weekend- Halloween!

Happy Friday y'all. Happy Halloween! I have to admit that Halloween usually is one of my favorite holidays, but I'm just not into it this year. We didn't get pumpkins, I took old milk jugs, filled them with orange colored water and drew on faces. No dealing with rotting pumpkins for me this year! LN has a bee costume, but isn't going Trick or Treating. Really, she wouldn't get it. And I wouldn't let her eat the candy yet anyway. Eighteen months is a bit young for a Snickers bar in my opinion. Call me a party pooper. So here's to a safe, warm, happy Halloween.
  • Tonight I'm headed out to play some Bananagrams with my lovely lady friends. Should be a rockin' good time.
  • Saturday morning the Mr. is running the Monster Dash Half Marathon and the little lady and I are walking the 5K. I'm going as a 80's prom queen. Princess cut, purple velvet prom queen. Should be fabulous.
  • We may take LN up to grandma and grandpa's for a little candy handing out fun. She's got to show off her Bee Costume!
  • Turning back the clocks. I hate this time of year! Now instead of getting dark at six it will be dark by five. Excellent.
  • Watch the Vikings game, I'm guessing. Maybe I'll be able to run and do some shopping?
That's it. We really don't know what the weather is going to do so we haven't really made any other plans. We like it that way sometimes. So we can feel like we still live by the seat of our pants.

Halloween plans?
What are you dressing up as?

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  1. Currently, researching science experiments to do with candy. My sister does them every year in order to get the kids to do something besides whine and cry about not eating the candy. Most of the time they have so much fun with the experiments that they forget that the candy is rendered inedible.
    Hopefully we will see you at the Monster Dash tomorrow!



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