20 October 2009

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

We've been hit by a bug. All three of us. The Mr. went to work this morning but is on his way home now. I've been on the couch all day, which is fun with a toddler, let me tell you! LN was great all morning playing and watching Melmo, but then at nap threw a huge fit. I'm thinking ear infection. Poor babe.

As I try and nurse our way back to health I thought that I would share some of the things I do when I'm sick. Some are for physical health, but mostly these are just ways to get me to sit down and relax; so let's say more for mental health.

  • Drink lots and lots of fluids. Duh, right? My drinks of choice are hot water with lemon/honey and lots of Emergen-C. In fact I swear by this stuff. I drink it nearly everyday, sick or not. It's refreshing and chock full of good stuff. Plus it tastes pretty yummy too. LN calls it 'Mommy Juice.'
  • Eat whatever you want. Whenever I'm not feeling well my appetite goes out the window, so I give myself full reign to eat whatever sounds good. Ice cream? Good for the throat. Apple sauce for dinner? Excellent for digestion. Frozen pizza? Well, at least I'm eating something. ;)
  • Stay in your PJs. After LN was born I made a rule that as soon as I got up in the morning I had to put on 'real' clothes else risk never leaving the house. Since then we have not had one PJ day. So now, since we're both sick I sit here typing in my PJs; it feels great!
  • Watch movies. It's hard for me to sit still, even when I'm not feeling good so when I'm not I pop in a movie and sink my butt in the couch. Granted at one point in my life I actually watched something other than Melmo, but now any moment of peace I can get I take.
  • Have a sick time ritual. When I was little my mom always let us drink Kool-Aid out of this special cup. We never got to use the cup or drink Kool-Aid unless we were sick. When my twenty-one year old sister came down with the flu last week that was the first thing she asked for. I'm still trying to come up with something for LN.
  • Take a shower/run a bath. Wash all of those icky germs away and relax those muscles. I don't think anything feels as good as a hot, hot shower when I'm sick. The steam is good for congestion too.
  • Take something to help you sleep. More than anything else a good nights sleep or a good nap will make you feel better. If that means that you have to take something, take it! You'll thank me in the morning.

What tried and true remedies do you have when you're sick?


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick, hope you're all feeling well soon!

  2. Sorry, you don't feel well, get better soon! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

  3. Feel better!

    I love Emergen-C. I drink it even when I'm well.

    When I think I'm coming down with something I chop up a clove of garlic and swallow it raw. Based on a rumor I heard once about garlic being good for illness. It seems to decrease the severity of the bug... or maybe it's just mental. :) I wonder if roasted garlic would do the same thing... would probably taste better.



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