14 October 2009

Duh! #3

So today's Duh! moment is brought to you by my own stupidity and my mother.

So I was trying to get LN and I ready to head out to a play date this morning and I was walking around, quickly, in my brand new, black, kitten heels. I was thinking, "I can't wear these today, they are WAY too slippery." Well, famous last words because I hit a patch of water and down! I went. It was painful, it hurt like hell, I screamed, and may have squirted a few tears. Well I was talking to my mom and planning on going to buy an ankle brace. She told me to take one of my scarves and wrap up my ankle to stabilize it until I could get the brace on it.


So if you find yourself groaning on the floor of your kitchen and your little lady crying for 'Melmo' crawl to your closet, grab a scarf and rig yourself up a makeshift ankle brace. Thanks mom!


  1. Stylish and practical ; ) I hope you're feeling better and that LN got her Melmo dose for the day :)

  2. We missed you today... plus I'm still driving around town with a pair of boots for LN in my car.

  3. Mom's are useful that way. Also, no need for heels at my house. ; )

  4. HAAAAAAAAAA! I was with you when you bought those cute heels! Per our conversation while walking to V&P, maybe the Mr. is onto something...



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