29 October 2009

Confession #2

Confession time folks. There are many, many things that the world doesn't know about me and here I am telling you one at a time. You may remember my first confession, the enormous pile of laundry on my floor. The pile is still there, but only because I'm doing laundry today. Interestingly enough the pile doesn't sit there for long any more. Every time I see the pile I see all of you shaking your finger collective fingers at me. You are all great motivators!

So today I'm going to divulge just how much of a dork I am. Really. Many of you know me in real life and can probably attest to this fact, but I'm here to tell you today that I am a much, much bigger dork than you can imagine. Here's why:
  • I've read MANY Star Wars books. We're not talking about just the six that the movies were made about. Oh no. We're talking about series and series of books that take place AFTER the movies are done. Shall I divulge more? Luke becomes a Jedi Master and opens a school for Jedi Warriors. Leah and Han get married and end up having twins. Chewy goes back to his home planet and if I remember correctly becomes some kind of government official. Good stuff.
  • One of my favorite TV shows of all time is Golden Girls. When we were living in China we had a great DVD shop that had pirated DVDs for sale and I bought entire seasons of Golden Girls. And watched them while eating Oreos on the couch. And then I brought them back to the US because I still watch them. In order of course!
  • I don't own a curling iron, my blow drier folds in half and is sporting about an inch of dust and I'm not sure where my brush is. I guess that's to say that my 'beauty' regime consists of this. Brushing my teeth. Putting on deodorant. Running my fingers through my hair, in front of the mirror optional. Add earrings and we're done. If I'm feeling particularly frisky I'll put on some mascara. Ooo, aren't I pretty?
  • Often when I have some glorious alone time I head to the book store. And read cook books. No lie. I sit with a stack of new cookbooks and read them. When I'm done with those and I have time I start in on the cooking magazines. Seriously, there are some good things in there! I owe all of my cooking prowess to reading thousands of pages of cookbooks over the years. I seldom write down a recipe and I seldom follow a recipe directly. Instead I get ideas of flavors and pairings. Hm, you put A with B? I can do that and I'll even cook it C. I also blame it on the reason why I'm some-odd pounds overweight.

So there's my confession for today. I'm a dork. I actually enjoy the science fiction movies that the Mr. 'makes' me watch. I draw the line at Star Trek however. Those guys are just weird.


  1. Have you read the new books in the Star Wars series? Something about it being 40 yrs later? hahaha...So glad that Han and Leah finally got together and had twins.

    Yah, I have a stack of cookbooks next to my bed, next to the couch, in the car. I'm a junkie. I just got a 40% off coupon in my email from Borders today and I'm heading there tomorrow to buy yet another cook-type book.

    Great post Mary!!

  2. Great post! It is sad, but I am with you in the Golden Girls; Brian makes fun of me whenever he sees them on the TV.

  3. Hell the Golden Girls are super hip now so maybe you are just ahead of the trends.

  4. i am very disappointed that you have treated my birthday present to you so poorly! inch of dust and don't even know where that AWESOME brush is?!?!

    i love figuring out flavors and recipes are a pain... i'm with you there sistah!

    but find the freaking bush!!

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