09 September 2009

Where I'd Rather Be...

So today has been one of those days. Yes, THOSE days. LN is teething again, slept maybe twenty minutes this afternoon and I am supposed to be starting a Contract job for BC's company. Much less get together dinner for a good friend that is coming over. Humph on the day.

So instead I'm going to tell you about where I'd rather be right now. Well, two places I'd rather be and lucky for me I'll be there sooner rather than later!

Rather be here #1:

Woodland Beach Resort with nine of my loveliest friends. A cabin, nine ladies, wine, good food, laughter, sleep and QUIET. We have been planning this trip to beautiful northern Minnesota for weeks now and next Friday we leave! The best part, our husbands all have the kids for the weekend. Two whole nights and mornings with peaceful sleep!

Rather be here #2:

BC surprised me with a trip out to see a dear pregnant friend in Portland, OR. We'll be shopping, eating and just gab, gab, gabbing away. I leave in the beginning of October for three whole days. So can't wait to see her! BC just sent me an email with the flight confirmation and a big smile on his face. He owed me for the Mancation he took to Vegas back in June. ;) And he's just a really sweet guy.

So there we have it. Two really great things to look forward to, and you know what? Maybe today isn't so bad after all. That is until LN wakes up from her nap.

If you could be anywhere in the world, where would you be today?


  1. The Four Seasons Maui...with the people spraying Evian on my face...pure bliss.

  2. That sounds wonderful Emily. Sigh.



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