25 September 2009

The Weekend- Sept. 26-27

We've had a busy week here and it looks like the weekend is shaping up to be the same. But what's new around here? I think that it is officially Fall; the wreath is up on the door, we've been to the apple orchard, we saw a wooly bear caterpillar and LN and I walked through a pile of leaves yesterday. Yep, definitely Fall. So get out there and have some good Autumn fun. Then get back inside and drink a cup o' warmth. Personally I think apple cider is the best. So here's what we'll be up to, Happy Weekend!
  • Family pictures! Proex was having a special for a free outdoor sitting, so we're headed to the Arboretum. Cross your fingers for no rain!
  • We're hanging out with the lovely Sarah Von and FOaF for an afternoon of vegetable markets, thrifting and dinner. Yay!
  • Breakfast with BC's mom, then she's taking LN for the afternoon!
  • BC and I are going to a MN Vikings game! I'm not all that into football, but I've never been to the Metrodome so I'm excited to go. I wonder if I have any purple...
  • Family dinner; and if it's nice maybe we can have a picnic at the park. Let's hope for sun!
What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. I'll be looking out for you at the Dome tomorrow - make a big stand-out sign so the cameras will go to you ;)

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