18 September 2009

The Weekend - Sept. 18-20

That's right folks, I'm starting my weekend a day early this week! Last night my dear friend flew in from MO by way of Dallas and we had a lovely night chatting and catching up. Soon another friend will head over to watch Little Nib for the afternoon while I head out on my great get-away up North. I've been alluding to this for a few weeks now and the day is finally here! The only things this weekend will be filled with? Relaxation and laughter. I highly recommend that all of you do the same!

So here's the (tentative) run-down for this weekend:
  • Drive up North, chat with two dear friends.
  • Eat, drink, laugh...sleep.
  • Wake.
  • Read, eat, drink and laugh some more.
  • Play a game?
  • Sleep.
  • Watch a movie, take a walk? I can't decide!
  • Oh yeah...eat and drink again.
  • And let's do some more laughing.
  • Sleep again!
  • Drive home rested and satiated.

What relaxing plans do you have for this weekend?

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