30 September 2009


Remember when you were little and time seemed to last FOREVER? Or at the very same time hours seemed to last eternities and minutes felt like days? At what point in our lives does time change? I feel like I sit down during nap time then look up at the clock and two hours have flown by, or I'm dinking around the house and all of a sudden it's dinner time. All of this leads to me wondering where the time has gone, how can I get it back or even better, how can I get more of it?

I'm sure you're all aware by now that I am not the most organized of people, in fact I think that may be the understatement of the year. My house is cluttered, my clothes are wrinkly and if I arrive someplace on time it's an achievement. I think that may be one cause of my lack of time, I don't know how to organize it (or myself) very well. I can easily spend an afternoon on the internet, browsing a cookbook or reading a novel all while the house sits cluttered. It would only take ten minutes to pick up the floor, fifteen to mop it and another ten to straighten up the kitchen. Does it happen? Oh hells no.

The other time that the hours fly by is on Saturday mornings. The family and I like to laze the morning up and then do something together; a trip to the farm, a playground/park, bookstore, etc. And sure enough we're having a grand old time and then poof! it's noon and time for a quick lunch and get LN home to nap.

Why does the time have to move so fast?

I sincerely try to live presently, in the moment. And I think most of the time I succeed. But I still have this gnawing feeling of time just slipping by; faster and faster. About the only time that time doesn't fly by? When I'm doing a wall sit at the gym...let me tell you this morning I felt all of those forty-five seconds.

How does your time fly?


  1. Writing comments on your blog :)

  2. Naptime...there is never enough of it. I hace calls to make, food to prepare, and I try to squeeze a nap in for myself. By the time it gets around to my "naptime" it is time to wake Caitlin...how does that happen?

  3. I know! I gave up trying to nap long ago. I've never been a good napper, but now I just don't have time! We'll see what happens if there are ever two LNs running around.

  4. I'm with you on the time going faster thing. Although there are still days when I'm willing it to be bedtime ;))



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