03 September 2009

No Nap Thursday

Why doesn't my kid ever look like that?

So today LN decided not to nap. I think I may write a post someday on the ramifications a No Nap day has on a kid, a mom and the universe as a whole. But today? Nope, today I'm just too tired and pressed for time. And I think we might have frozen pizza for dinner, it's just that kind of afternoon.

So in the spirit of No Nap Thursday I'm going to do a few more lists. Why? Well, because they're fun, easy to read and take little thought on my part. As for you? Well, I guess you think they're fun too, right?

Something I Wish I Could Do Today:
  • Knit in the Round: I have a great pattern for a hat that is knit flat and then sewed up. I can make a mean looking scarf. But more than two needles? Needles that are connected together? Can't figure it out for the life of me. At some point I need a lesson as making my own socks is a personal life goal.
One Thing I Am Looking Forward To:
  • Fall!: I cannot wait until the weather gets crisper. Bring on the sweaters, scarves and hot and comfy drinks. The leaves, baking, harvest, bonfires, Halloween, and cool mornings. I love being out in this weather. The slowing down of the season after a frenetic summer. Ah, bring on Fall.
Something Few People Know:
  • I Wanted to be a Special Effects Artist: For many years I wanted to become a special effects artist for the movies. The catina scene in Star Wars? Yeah, I wanted to create those creatures. My first two years in college I majored in Theatre. I wanted nothing more than to move to Hollywood and transform beautiful people to ugly monsters. Let's just say, things have changed.
What is something that you are looking forward to?
Something you wish you could do?


  1. i am disappointed in you. wishing away our already nonexistent summer! now, i love fall as much as the next person. but you know what comes after fall. and quite frankly, i could do without (most of) that one.

  2. We don't speak about what comes after Fall. That 'W' does not exist in my vocabulary. :) I just figure if we're not going to get a 'real' Summer we might as well get a great Fall!

  3. Looking forward to our girls weekend and hosting my sister's baby shower. I love Fall too. It is a renewing season for me every year. Maybe it is growing up in Texas but summer is usually my least favorite time of the year.



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