15 September 2009

It's All Connected

As I was driving to the park today I was thinking about why. A lot of different whys; why don't people use their blinkers, why LN takes her shoes off in the car, why I am invisible to other cars even though mine is bright yellow. As time went on I started to realize that many of my whys were connected. Here let me show you.
  1. I need to buy new printer cartridges.
  2. If I had new printer cartridges I could print out my Motivated Moms sheets.
  3. If I could print out my Motivated Moms sheets I would know what to clean today.
  4. If I new what I was supposed to clean today I might be 'motivated' to do it.
  5. If my house were clean I would not have to spend the time cleaning it tonight.
  6. If I don't have to clean the house tonight I will be able to do my contract work.
  7. If I am able to complete my contract work then I will have a little extra money.
  8. If I had a little extra money then I would be able to buy new printer cartridges.

See? It's all connected! Although I think LN and I will take a walk down to Walgreens to pick up some printer refills. There! Eight whole why problems solved. Whew. I wish they were all that easy! Next up, where does the other sock go in the dryer?

What whys are bugging you right now?


  1. The other sock gets eaten by the sock monster...you didn't know that. ;)

  2. Aha! Whew, glad that one is solved too! :D

  3. Ren and Stimpy already solved this one...Season 1 Episode 6 - Black Hole / Stimpy's Invention: http://watchxonline.com/media/5381-ren-and-stimpy-106-black-hole-stimpys-invention.php



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