07 September 2009

Holiday Weekend Wrap-Up

I wasn't planning on posting today, but then I came in possession of some free time so I thought I would give a quick recap of our fabulous weekend. It was long and we are tired! So here's a short re-cap.


Woke up, had a quick breakfast and drove down to Wild Rumpus, a fantastic children's bookshop in the Linden Hills area of Minneapolis. LN loved running around among the cats and chicken and birds. They have, hands down, the best selection of kid's books. If you live in the Twin Cities area you should check it out!

That afternoon we did a little shopping.

After LN went to bed two dear friends came over and we baked a couple of cakes. Because that's what I do on a Saturday night; bake cakes and drink beer, with friends. It was great. And those cakes? Super delicious.


We walked up to Audubon Coffee Shop, our place for a cuppa joe. Had a latte and then headed to the Como Zoo. Little Nib absolutely loved the animals, especially the giraffes and the monkeys. We got to watch the baby orangutang play with it's mama. Swinging around outside in the sun, they were so cute! A lot of their interactions reminded Big Cheese and I of interactions between LN and us.

Sunday afternoon we did a little more shopping.

Oh, but for dinner? Oh! We ate at Nala Pak, a super fantabulous Indian restaurant. Even LN enjoyed what we had and for a sixteen month old, that's saying something! It's all vegetarian and so, so yummy. Highly reccommended.


This morning I made pancakes for breakfast (from scrach, only way I'm going to do that from now on!) and then headed down to Hyland Park Reserve and played at the 'Chutes and Ladders' park. Super awesome. I had been there on Friday with LN and had to take BC. They had so much fun running around and going down the big silver slide. We took a walk around the park a little and saw the lake.

That brings us where we are. BC and I are going to watch Adventureland. And then I'm headed to bed.

What fun, fabulous things did you do this weekend?


  1. so much fun! I won't forget about the cake you said you'd share . . . ;)

  2. You forgot to mention the scrumptious traditional Chinese dinner I made for you and Lil' Nib last night: Fan Qie Chao Dan (Tomato & Fried Eggs), Jiaozi (Dumplings), Chou Nian Gao (Fried Glutinous Rice Cakes), Shu Cai He Mo Gu (Bok Choy & Mushrooms), Pickled Ginger (Don't know the Pinyin for this), and Cha (Green Tea - decaf for us when it's that late at night). I remembered this when I recalled your reaction to the pickled ginger when I was reading an article on Yunnan 'Treats' over at the World Hum (http://www.worldhum.com/features/travel-stories/yunnans-treats-20090902/).

  3. Suz- come over and have some of the cake! The ladies ate it at the play date this morning...so, so good!

    BC- Dinner last night was fantastic. Really, you are more like a Chinese Grandma than you know. ;)



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