14 September 2009


Happiness will never come to those who fail
to appreciate what they already have.

The Cheese and I talk a lot about what we want out of life; our life together, LN's life and what we want for our family. One thing that we talk about and focus on a lot is being happy in the moment, not letting life pass you by and truly enjoying and treasuring what you have. We believe strongly that happiness is not earned from 'things', although it's not wrong to take pride in the things that you have earned and find pleasure in. The trick is not placing all of your worth in the 'things' in your life, but also in the people, places, experiences that make you who you are.

It is one thing to live that way, it is another to try and teach/show someone else your beliefs. I am a big proponent of teaching by example; I think that it is hard to sway people with rhetoric and rules, but if others see you being happy, healthy and generally good, they will be drawn to the way you live your life too. With LN I try to show her why manners are important, why it is just a good to run around outside as it is to sit together and watch Sesame Street. I love when she watches me prepare a meal for the family; I hope that she someday garners as much happiness from making food for others as I do. If not, I simply hope that she learns from us the pleasure that comes from living for today. Being happy in this moment. Experiencing what the world has to offer and teach. An appreciation for what she has.


  1. Today's blog post is very honest and inspiring!

  2. I fully admit this is something I am bad at...thanks for the reminder.

  3. Inspiration must have hit!

  4. i am starting to appreciate what i have and am finally becoming happy with where i am in life. recognizing that the only thing certain is the now. tomorrow may never come, so why be concerned with it to the point of consuming your entire present.

    miss you tons... hope i can see you when i'm in your area!!



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