21 September 2009


This weekend I went away. Sigh. A whole weekend away from the city, my family and pretty much everything that has been/could be stressful. It was heavenly! There were nine other ladies and I staying in a cabin on a beautiful lake, and you know what? There was never one fight, not one harsh word that was spoken. Meals were prepared, eaten and cleaned amidst laughter and chatter. There was wine, Bananagrams, Farkle, Twillight, a bonfire and reading. The planning of the weekend so incredibly easy! We all figured out what we could bring, put together some meals, got in some cars and drove our way two hours North. Seriously. At one point a dear friend looked around and wondered out loud, "How many groups of women do you know could go someplace for a weekend without drama, before or after and have such a fantastic time?"

You see, I think that women get a bad rap. Movies portray groups of women either as back-stabbing bitches out to get each other's men/things or as sappy friends that can only lean on each other in times of crisis/need. Not that my friends wouldn't be there for me if something tragic happened, but the great thing about my group of ladies is that they are there EVERYDAY. Now, I understand that it sounds a little creepy. Like we're a clique, or a cult. But in reality we've created a community (a village?) where each of us is supported, respected, listened to and cared for. We rejoice with each other during the good times and are there to listen and encourage during the difficult times. We tease, we chide, give wanted (or unwanted!) advice; we honestly have the best time together. I feel so lucky to have found such an amazing group of women. We're all different, but that's what makes it interesting. I wish everyone had a support system this strong, but more importantly this FUN. I'd like to think that the movies have gotten it all wrong. Granted, I've had the backstabbing girlfriends that just sleep with your boyfriend behind your back, or the one that steals your clothes or the one that talks shit about you to your friends...but overall? I've cherished my group of ladies; strong, independent, intelligent, caring women. Perhaps I've gotten lucky, or maybe it's just me. ;)

So here's to all of my wonderful lady friends; new, old and future. Thank you for being so great. Thank you for being you.

Do you have a great group of friends?
What makes them special?


  1. Well said :)) The village rocks!

  2. Awesome! I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. A perfect write up. My husband didn't even believe me when I said "seriously...no drama"!

  4. We are all so lucky! Miss you and love you and yes, it might just be you. :)

  5. Well yes, I do have a group of ladies - and you are in it! Great post:)

    Emily B.



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