02 September 2009

Five Things I Find Utterly Amazing

I try and find the good in just about everything, and then immediately go and try to find how that annoys me. However, there are some things in life that I just can't get annoyed about, and here is that list. My list of completely Amazing, Uplifting, Wonderful and Sunshiney Bright with Rainbows things:

1.) New Windshield Wipers: How can anyone complain about new wipers? Ever since the first rainstorm I got caught in I have been a firm believer in new, workable wipers. Those $100 a piece blades you see in the store and think, "Who would be crazy enough to pay for those things?" Yeah, it's me. Nothing like a clean windshield my inter-friends. Makes me happy when the skies are gray (and wet).

2.) Mail: I absolutely love to get mail. Doesn't matter from whom, or what it's about. Could care less if it's snail or electronic. There's nothing that puts a spring in my step like the sound of mail being dropped into the mail box. Equally as exciting is opening my email account and seeing no less than thirty new emails. Who cares if I delete most of them or throw them away? Someone chose this piece of correspondence for me! (Go ahead, roll your eyes, but who are you to destroy my illusion?) Bills, summons from the police and letters from the insurance company do not count.

3.) The First Cup of Coffee: People, I am a HUGE coffee fan. I've worked at my fair share of coffee houses and am pretty sure I could still pull a mean shot of espresso. And let me tell you, that first cup of the day? Well, let's just say that if I could have a moment of silence every morning when I have that first sip, I'm pretty sure that I would hear choirs of angels. Just sayin'. My favorite phrase (stolen from a dear friend/co-coffee addict) "I need a coffee the size of my head." Almost everyday.

4.) A Perfectly Baked Cake: There is just something about baking that releases the stress in me. People talk about stress cleaning during Final Exams, but not me. Oh no, my apartment would still be a complete disaster, but sitting on my counter at 2am? Yes, that would be a freshly baked, still warm from the oven cake. (Another thing utterly amazing? My ability to stress eat said cake...but let's not talk about that today. Uplifting only, shall we?)

5.) A Night Out: Few things are as appealing to me than a night out. I don't care if it's with my dear lady friends, a date with BC, or dinner/drinks/coffee with someone I've just met. A night out completely rejuvenates me in a way that sitting at home does not. I like to think that I'm still young and hip; going out with people makes me feel that way. A few laughs, some good nibbles and you've got yourself a happy MP.

What in your day do you find
Amazing, Uplifting, Wonderful and Sunshiney Bright with Rainbows?


  1. 1. lemon cake
    2. the feel of fresh sheets
    3. finding a new author I love with lots of books out I haven't read
    4. spontaneous hug from one of my girls
    5. good friends (like you!)

  2. 1. Caitlin breaking into song for no reason
    2. A clean, empty house (or one where Caitln is napping) with a working TV and internet access
    3. A night out
    4. When my husband suggests we go out on a random day
    5. A freshly baked cookie with a glass of milk

  3. 1. Carpet Zen (freshly vacummed)
    2. A great find/deal
    3. Drinks/dinner with my amazing new found mama friends
    4. Spending quality time with my family - picking apples, playing baseball, etc.
    5. When I'm rocking Sarah before bed and she keeps sneaking peeks at me and smiling with the paci in her mouth. That makes me never ever ever want to put her down.
    6. Minneapolis...the lakes, the trails, the trees, the cleanliness, the city life - I love it all...and am so happy to call it home.

  4. I am loving these lists! There are so many things to find amazing, you ladies can count yourselves among them!

  5. The first cup of coffee is my absolute favorite!

  6. coffee... you are one of the only that i will trust with an espresso shot.. drip coffee is completely different.

    a night out with friends. music to ears! ps: i finally figured out how to walk in the 4+ inch heals i bought whilst with you and EM last time i saw you!



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