23 September 2009


Dear Future Self:

Howdy! I'm sitting here on a sunny September afternoon. I just put LN down for a particularly difficult nap. A dose of Ibuprofen, thirty minutes of rocking/screaming (hers, not yours) later and we have a blissfully sleeping babe. Do you remember those days? The days of 'No' and 'Mine' and the struggle at nap time? Well, I hope not. They're brutal. Almost enough to make a mom give up and go back to work. Almost. ;) So I wonder what you do remember; new words popping out of LN's mouth nearly everyday, sloppy kisses, 'Mama', 'Melmo', running around yelling 'Getcha, getcha, getcha!'. LN running up with a book calling out, 'read, read!', the joy on her face when she sees you come home. How about whenever we're playing outside she needs to have a pepper from the garden in her hand (does she still only eat the stems?)

So, how's that gym routine working out? Yeah, I thought so. We're really not gym people, are we? We go a couple times a week and it feels great, but there's just always so many other things to do! Well, you look great. No really! I'm not just telling us that so I can feel assured that at some point I lose this baby weight...you really do look great. Remember: stay away from the carbs, they really, really are not our friends. Although they tell us that we can't live without them we can, really.

Where are you now? Did the Big Cheese get that job in Switzerland? Did things ever go though with that? Are you still in Minnesota? Well, if you are I hope that you still love the house as much as I do now. What a great space! Perfect location for a garden, fruitful soil and just enough space to take care of so I don't go crazy. Did you ever finish the back porch? It's always on our list of things to do, but somehow just doesn't get done. Doesn't the front landscaping look great? BC finished it last weekend. Wow. Now the outside looks as good as the in! How did you convince BC to get you that new furniture? Well, I guess I'll figure it out sooner or later.

What I really want to tell you though, is to go out and do that thing that we've been wanting to do. You know the one. That thing that we've always wanted to do, but have been to scared to. I'm guessing it's still the same one. What's stopping you? I believe in you, and I know for a fact a bunch of other lovely people do too. So go on, get off your butt and do it. Don't wait for another second, take life in your control and get what's yours.

Well, I'm feeling quite motivated myself. Maybe I'll just go and do it now.

Go Forth and Conquer,


1 comment:

  1. is it the co you've been talking about? is that what the thing is?

    and personally, i'm on board with LN when she requests Melmo!



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