21 August 2009

The Weekend- Aug. 22-23

This weekend will be an action packed one. We'll be running from here to there and everywhere.
Here's a list of what we'll be doing:

-Taking out the front cement walls. Mostly BC's job, but I'm sure I'll be helping too.
-Get ready and go to a cousin's wedding. Love, drinking, dancing! Yee-haw!
-Head up north (just a bit) and stay in a cabin. Not sure how we're going to fit this in.
-Put wall back together with big rocks. Sigh. This sounds like a lot of work.

--and what I hope to accomplish

-More painting of the upstairs bedrooms. This project is starting to seem never-ending.
-Make some pita bread. I've had this on my to-do list all week. It just hasn't happened yet.
-Clear out LN's closet and put away all of the clothes that no longer fit.
-Same in MP and BC's closet.
-Take a nap? Is that too much to ask?

What do you hope to accomplish this weekend?
What wild and crazy adventures will you be having?

1 comment:

  1. I love your blog! I am, however, exhausted after reading your to-do list for the weekend! I hope you get some of it accomplished, but have some fun too :)



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