17 August 2009

Julia Child on travel.

I'm desperately trying to finish 'MyLife in France' by Julia Child in preparation of seeing the 'Julie, Julia' movie tonight with my lovely lady friends. As I hurriedly finish up my reading, let's ponder this quote from Julia. She's talking about travel (as have I lately, you'll find out why tomorrow!) and how she, personally, prefers to travel:

"Dort (Julia's sister) and I grew restless on those days of driving and driving and eating and driving and eating at the biggest-best restaurants and sleeping at the biggest-best hotels. To hell with it! It seemed like we'd never really been anywhere or done anything and the whole point of the trip was for Philapop (their parents) to get back to Pasadena and say, "I've just been through France and Italy." In fact, I didn't like travelling first-class at all. Yes, it was nice to have a bathroom in the hotel and fine service at breakfast, and I'd probably never visit those grand hotels again, but none of it seemed foreign enough to me. It was all so plesantly bland that it felt as if I were back on the SS America. I don't like it when everyone speaks perfect English; I'd much rather struggle with my phrase book."
I tell you, a girl after my own heart.

What's your favorite way to travel?


  1. I'm with you dude. I'm all over back packs and sleeping in root cellars and riding busses full of drunk silver miners.

  2. Ah, the drunken bus ride, a right of passage for travellers everywhere. Personal drunkeness is optional. :)

  3. I don't care how I travel as long as I'm going somewhere! :)



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