20 August 2009

An Introduction

I thought that I would take some time on this rainy Thursday afternoon to introduce myself, the dear Big Cheese and the Little Nib.

Little Nib was born in April of 2008. She is as sassy, spunky and energetic as they come. People will tell you how much you'll love watching your kids personality grow, but it's nothing in comparison to actually watching a human being unfold. Because let's admit it, for the first 12 months, they're pretty much just aliens! She loves to read, run and run outside, bubbles, car rides, swimming, swinging and being tickled. She's a great kid and a true joy to be around.

The Big Cheese works on creating magnificent websites on the Internet. Huge, multimedia masterpieces that are as visually interesting as they are technically amazing. He is one part engineer, one part magician. He's fantastic at what he does and is lucky enough to love it too! He is a bike commuter and loves to pedal around Minneapolis and the lakes. He is a fantastic Dad; one can tell by the look on Little Nib's face when he walks into a room. He is my rock and my friend and I'm so lucky to have found him.

Alright, enough with the sappy stuff...

As for me, I've always loved to craft and cook. My mom is great at both, she is/was a great teacher! I knit, sew, quilt and pick up projects at random. I am banned to going to any craft store without a chaperon. I am great at starting projects, and occasionally good at finishing them. I have also started to love baking; something about pouring liquid into a pan and coming out a solid I find amazing. And it's exactness is very comforting and relaxing. Culture amazes me; why we need it, how we use it, what about it gives us an identity. I enjoy walking around, as long as I have a destination of some kind (especially if that destination involves coffee/food) and my favorite season for sure is Fall. I think I'm equally an introvert/extrovert. I love being out and about, but I also love days at home too. My house is almost never clean...but it's not dirty either. I'm working on the whole idea of organization. And getting a Shark Steam Mop, I feel that might be the answer to all of my problems.

Hmm, what else?

Traveling is a family passion, we hope to pass that onto Little Nib too! Already in her short life she's been a plane three times, seen both oceans and taken numerous car trips. She's as portable as they come! The Big Cheese and I lived and worked in Eastern China for a year teaching English as a Second Language to college students. It was truly the most amazing experience we've shared, well second to becoming parents. We came back pregnant and ready to start the next chapter of our lives, but our feet are/were still itching to set off again for foreign locales.

Together we love parks, brunches, walks and dancing/singing silly songs. Really, we just enjoy living life together. Re-experiencing things with LN, discovering new things as a family.

So that's a little bit about us.


  1. Thanks for introducing yourself! You should create an 'About Me' link in your side bar and link to this post permanently. I have done that and it is one of the most visited posts on the blog. Good luck! :)

  2. Thanks Jessica, that's a good idea! I will have do that!

  3. A shark steamer cleaner! I lust after those - cannot believe I'm not the only one! I bought a knock-off a while back, though, and it didn't work at all. So if you go for it - get the real thing.



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