12 August 2009

2 Photo Game

A great new blog that I've just started reading, via the awesome yesandyes, is Oh, Miska. She always has a knack posting about sweet, enlightening things and her pictures are cute to boot! So her game of the day is to take your camera and snap two pictures of things in the room with you, and why they're important. Here are mine (can you tell that my flash is broken?):

There are always various kid's toys/books of Little Nib's laying all over the floor. I particularly like these puzzle pieces. She's finally starting to get the hang of putting the pieces BACK into the puzzle. Which is a good thing. Those animals may look all smiley, but stepping on one is no laughing matter.
I picked this cute bag up at Target in their deal section. Normally $2.50, but 50% off it was only a $1.25! The cute apple design makes me smile and it's the perfect size to grab on the way to the store for last minute dinner essentials or to throw together a bag for the beach. Who doesn't need a cute, reusable apple bag by their front door?

What's in you room?

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