14 January 2010

Wii Fit Plus

We rented the Wii Fit Plus and balance board right around New Years. I'm wanting to get something for at home that I can use during nap time or the evenings that I feel compelled to move, but not go to the gym. Let it be said that I am not endorsed by Nintendo and this is purely my own thoughts on the product and what it did for me. (Although, if Nintendo felt compelled to give me a Wii Fit and Balance Board I probably wouldn't turn it down. Hear that Nintendo?)

It took no time to set up and as an extra bonus did not make the Mr and I fight at all during set up. This is rare, when a new piece of technology enters our house you can usually guarantee some sort of fight will break loose. We're predictable like that. You just synch it up and turn it on. Easy Peasy.

We went through the enter Mii set up process and it couldn't have been easier. Well, I guess it would have been easier to stand still for the 'body scan' if there hadn't been a twenty month old climbing through my legs, but I'm guessing that not all of you will have that problem.

The games are easy to play and truly, get your heart rate up. Especially if you are playing Super Hula Hoop. Plus, as an added bonus you can look like a dufus in front of your significant other or friends. Even the Mr., the most skeptical person I know, enjoyed it and thought most of the games were a decent workout. They are challenging without being frustrating and just entertaining enough to make you want to play them again to get a better score. As an added bonus, it keeps track of how long you've exercised and approximately how many calories you have burned. Additionally it tracks your BMI and weight so you can see daily/weekly/monthly progress.

I think that the yoga/strength training sections were quite good as well. I was skeptical myself at first, I need a lot of help to get into the correct form for any sort of physical activity. Those balance boards are crazy sensitive though and can tell if you are off balance, putting too much weight on the wrong foot or are set up incorrectly. If I had never done yoga before I don't think I would have liked it, but since I've practiced here and there it was a nice little workout. The only think I didn't like about this section is that you have to do a pose, and then manually choose to do another pose. I would have liked if they had a routine set up for me to do or had given me the option to set a routine to follow. You can do that in some of the other settings, but I couldn't figure it out for the yoga section.

Overall I think we'll get the Wii Fit before the end of the year. I liked the ease of the games/routines and it was even something we broke out when some friends came over. LN liked to do the actions along side of us, especially the Hula Hoop game. That, my friends, was pretty adorable. I will say though, if you don't like to play video games at least a little bit, this might not be the product for you. However, if you think of it less as a video game and more as an exercise tool I'm sure that you'd find it fun to do.

Have you tried the Wii Fit, what are your thoughts?


  1. I LOVE our Wii Fit :)) Being 7 months pregnant it is still some form of exercise I can do (maybe not sit ups and stuff like that though!!). And it is good for a laugh and the little ones love to try it out too. Oliver is actually pretty good at some of the poses. Oh to be that flexible again...

  2. OK, I agree and love it, but not with the pregnancy. My score on my mom's dropped significantly because my balance has shifted and my nephews kicked my butt with many of the games because my balance is currently so off. That being said, Brian and I have discussed getting one in the future and LOVE it. Brian has broken out into a sweat with the boxing (keep in mind he is pretty fit) so depending on what you play there is a definite workout.



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